Tuesday, 25 August 2015

World Tambourelli Championships 2015

Results Summary:

Mixed Doubles

Winners :Tal Appleton Wickens (England /Narnia) and Bazil Hughes (Scotland)

Finalists: Marco Zink (Germany) and Kevin Witt (Scotland)
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Women’s Singles: 

Winner: Jasmine Bosenick (England)

Finalist: Gabriele Rose (Germany)

Men’s Singles

Finalist : Marco Zink (Germany)

Winner: Sebastian Rose (Germany)



Over 50s mixed doubles

Winners : Nick Wright and Nik Clark (both Scotland)
Finalists: Hue Wallis (England)and Chloe Bruce (Scotland)

Consecutively running was the Under 16s Scottish championship. 

 Under 16 Mixed Doubles
Winners : Kieran Cluckie and Aiden Brock

Finalists : Chloe Ambrose and Conor Firth

Under 16s Girls singles.

Winner: Siobhan Laughlin

Finalist: Chloe Ambrose

Under 16s Open singles
Winner : Conor Firth

Finalist : Aiden Brock

Galloway hosts World Championships
Results 2015-08-23
 Newton Stewart hosted the World Tambourelli Championships over the past weekend.
The mixed doubles final was competed for by all the over 16s entrants .  Play was fast and furious and spectular to watch, and won by two young men, one a former triple world champion, the other a former Under 16’s world champion.
An over 50’s competition was included for the first time with players from Scotland and England playing mixed doubles. This cup was presented in memory of Kenneth Delbray and Godfrey Smith who were instrumental in the origins of Tambourelli. The winners were in fact both over 60!
The Womens singles event included players from Japan, Germany, England and Scotland; the title being won and retained by last year’s winner.
The men’s singles finals were dominated by German players from Dresden. In Germany Tambourelli is a popular game with clubs in several cities. Dresden will host the German Open in September this year, and will host the World Tournament next year.Marco Zink impressed us by playing 4 top level matches in a row. Sebastian and Marco are familar sparring partners. Sebastian's centred game gave him the advantage this time.

The teenagers Under 16s Scottish Championships was also staged with many under 16’s enjoying a weekend of fun and competitive sport. The ‘ ethos’ of Tambourelli is appreciated at all ages, where fun, fair play and personal integrity are important as well as the end result.
 Many hours of regular play has honed the standard of games to be exhilarating to watch. Other players are inspired to make the time for practice so they can have a chance to keep up with the fitness of regular players. Everyone’s individual style and enthusiasm was appreciated by the players from different clubs. 
Newton Stewart Club runs every Sunday 2-4pm at the Merrick Games Hall until Christmas, with this Sunday 30th August as a week off.
Organiser Chloe Bruce would like to thank the ARC cafe at the Merrick, the Merrick staff, The Belted Galloway restaurant, Foundation Scotland, Briar’s Engravers and all the players for helping to make this a smooth running and enjoyable world event.

Photos credited to Gabrielle and Sebastian Rose and Mog Paerson (Leeming).

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