Thursday, 6 April 2017

Newton Stewart Club now on tuesdays

Newton Stewart Club is now on Tuesday evening 7-9pm at the Merrick Games Hall.

Historically this club was run on Friday night's at the McMillan Hall, then in 2006 we moved to the Merrick on Sunday afternoons, now we are playing on tuesday evenings.

7 - 8pm priority is given to Primary aged children
8 - 9pm priority is given to Secondary School aged children and adults.
Both are welcome to either session.

We have enjoyed playing a long side the Badminton Club and would love to have any players who would like to try skill swopping and see how easily they can get to plat Tambourelli.

We are happy when previous players return. Great you all have kept your skills.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Newton Stewart Club starts 2017

Newton Stewart Club starts in 2017 on Sunday 29th January

 Merrick Games Hall, Newton Stewart
       Sundays  2-4pm 
From 29th January
to 2nd April
Priority given to: Primary School Children 2 - 3pm

Adults and Secondary School Children 3 - 4pm
 Children £2   Adults £3  Family £5.00      Water Bottles 50p

 Contact Chloe 01988830390 /07791942357     Kevin

Wigtown Club is also running on Thursday evenings, 7 - 9.30pm during term time


World Tambourelli 2017

World Tambourelli Championships 2017

This year Devon is hosting the World Tambourelli Championships on 5th and 6th August.
It will include the Luscombe Cup for Under 14s.
It is at Riverford Farm. Camping is available and the courts are outside. Food is provided with an extra, reasonable charge. It is at a beautiful location next to the River Dart and the Steam Train line.
These are historic pictures from between 2006 and 2013. Entry is open to anyone. Look at Devon Tambourelli Association website for details and entry forms or contact through this blogspot.

World Tambourelli Championships, Dresden

World Tambourelli Championships 2016

Tambourelli reaches new heights in Germany
 Tambourelli players represent Scotland in Germany for World Championships
Tambourelli is a bat and shuttle game re invented in Newton Stewart in the 1970s. Players have taken this game to various spots across the world. Newton Stewart Club is a place to play a sport and  enter friendly Championships in Europe or further a field. The Merrick Tambourelli Club at Newton Stewart will restart after the summer break at the Merrick Leisure Centre, 2-4pm on Sunday 9th October.
The Club is partly run by Chloe Bruce who travelled from Newton Stewart to the small, friendly, beautiful city of Dresden, Germany to the World Tambourelli Championships 2016. Chloe went with her son Bazil who played in Newton Stewart for many years. Bazil has held the Men’s Singles title 3 times, last winning in 2014. He also wanted to defend his title as Doubles Champion with Tal Appleton Wickens.  Chloe Bruce entered the new Over 40s Women’s Singles; Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles with Bazil.
Dresden Tambourello Club hosted the event. They are taking Tambourelli to a new level. Their club has 70 members with many playing Tambourelli every week. The neighbouring club, Kleinnaundoft,  bought 15 children to the World Under 16s Competition in London, November 2015.
 Last year a group of Dresden players came to Newton Stewart for 2015 Championships. Sebastian and Gabrielle Rose and Marcus Zink all reached the Singles finals. In January 2017 Hamburg is hosting a World drop in event to further promote the playing of Tambourelli.
This year’s Championships was located in a huge, well equipped sports hall with almost enough air conditioning to deal with the heat (33 degrees). The delicious home baked food for sale helped to fuel the players. Sponsors from local companies supported the event.
Games were played over 2 days between 100 entrants of all ages on the 16 courts available. The quality of play was outstanding in all categories.
 Bazil Hughes reached the finals in all 3 classes he could enter, but the Championship prize narrowly escaped him in all of the finals games with the Men’s singles prize slipping between his fingers by 1 point to be won for the first time by Marcus Zink as the shuttle landed perfectly on the line.
Plans were laid for the 2017 Championships to be hosted by Devon Tambourelli Association.

Results of WTC 16

Damen-Einzel - U 12:   Platz 1: Lisa Zink (SV Sachsenwerk)

Damen-Einzel - U 15:   Platz 1: Laura Stölzer (SG Kleinnaundorf)

Damen-Einzel - U 18:   Platz 1: Linda Junge (SV Sachsenwerk)

Damen-Einzel - Ü 18:   Platz 1: Amke de Buhr (Münster)

Damen-Einzel - Ü 40:   Platz 1: Daniela Gutheins  (SG Kleinnaundorf)

Herren-Einzel - U 12:   Platz 1: Willi Kliemann (SG Kleinnaundorf)

Herren-Einzel - U 15:   Platz 1: Lorenz Ueberfuhr  (SV Sachsenwerk)

Herren-Einzel - U 18:   Platz 1: Clemens Gutheins (SG Kleinnaundorf)

Herren-Einzel - Ü 18:   Platz 1: Marco Zink (SV Sachsenwerk)

Herren-Einzel - Ü 40:   Platz 1: Carsten Gutheins (SG Kleinnaundorf)

Damen-Doppel - U 18:   Platz 1: Julia Thiel / Lina Tiltmann (SG Kleinnaundorf)
Herren-Doppel - U 18:   Platz 1: Jeroma Dietrich / Willi Kliemann (SG Kleinnaundorf)
Damen-Doppel - Ü 18:   Platz 1: Carmen Gobsch / Gabriele Rose (SV Sachsenwerk)
Herren-Doppel - Ü 18:   Platz 1: Marco Zink / Sebastian Rose (SV Sachsenwerk)

Mixed-Doppel – U12:   Platz1: Emilia Mattukat / Jerome Dietrich (SG Kleinnaundorf)
Mixed-Doppel – U18:   Platz1: Laura Stölzer / Clemens Gutheins (SG Kleinnaundorf)
Mixed-Doppel – Ü18:   Platz1: Nadine Harmatschek / Dominic Hauke (SG Kleinnaundorf)