Wednesday, 4 February 2015

World Tambourelli Championships 2014

Devon hosts tambourelli world championships

The world championships of a musical sport were played out in Devon earlier this month.
Competitors from as far afield as Japan gathered at Riverford Farm, at Staverton, near Totnes, to battle it out for the tambourelli titles.
The game, which started in Scotland 40 years ago, has a musical as well as a sporting dimension, being played with adapted tambourines and shuttlecocks over a net.
The current version of the game has spread to the South West over the last 15 years.
The finals were hosted by the Devon Tambourelli Association (DTA). Oliver Dakin-Edwards, from Ashburton, won the Luscombe Singles Cup for under 13s while Jasmine Bosenick, from Oxford, took the women’s title.
Reigning champion Bazil Hughes, from Galloway, took the men’s honours beating Finn Lennartsson from Sweden.
A DTA spokesman said: “The DTA would like to express its thanks to all those who supported the event and did so much to make it possible – above all Oliver and Esther Watson and their family, of Riverford Farm, without whose long-standing hospitality and support, the event would never happen.”

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