Wednesday, 30 April 2014

World Under 16s Tambourelli Championships 2014

Under 16s World Tambourelli Championships, Sunday 27th April at Newton Stewart Games Hall

Although this tournament was advertised as the Scottish Championships it has been agreed that all the different classes and the dedication of the players makes it entitled to be the World event. There is an Under 14s event at the World Championships in Devon, and at the Swedish and Dresden Tournaments held later this year. Our event has Singles in 3 age groups, 2 with a Girls and a Mixed class as well as Doubles that pairs up a mixture of ages and genders by names being chosen from a hat.
We had a great day, with plenty of help from volunteers including a Youth Coach in training. The entrants came from 3 clubs including South London Tambourelli, (SLOT). 
The players all played to their best ability at the time, were courteous to other players, and met up with new people. The day had emotional moments with everyone wanting to win and coaches wanting everyone to be a winner. It made us proud to see the quality of play on the day and everyone having a good time.
The biggest group was the 9-12s. It was an exciting final refereed by a past Under 16 and Open World Champion Stacey Duff.  With work and determination Ruiri Beattie maintained his title. The Under 9s was a fairly close game with the second game going to deuce before Noi won. The 12 – 15s showed their skills off to the other entrants. The Doubles games went well with the oldest and youngest in the final against the best 9-12 partnership. It went to 3 games and was watched by all the other players and volunteers.
These are the results
Under 16s Mixed 13-15s Singles Winner: Barnaby Williams, finalist: Lindsey Barr
Girls Singles: 13-15 Lindsey Barr.
Mixed 9 – 12s Singles Winner: Ruiri Beattie, finalist : Aaron Kennedy
Girls 9 – 12 Singles: Vanessa Ho
Under 9s Winner: Noi  Priestman, finalist: Theresa Ho.

Mixed Doubles Winners: Barnaby Williams and Theresa Ho, finalists: Ruiri Beattie and Conor Firth

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