Tuesday, 4 March 2014

World Tambourelli Championships, Dresden, Germany 2013

The 2013 World Tambourelli Championships were held on the 20th and 21st of July 2013 in Dresden, Germany. A team of players from the Newton Stewart Tambourelli club travelled to compete in the event, which has never before been held outside the UK.
The Men’s singles tournament featured many accomplished players from across the UK and Europe, but the last men standing on Sunday evening were 2 Scottish former champions. Bazil Hughes, 21, and Malcolm Heyes, 42, who both won the tournament in 2011 and 2012 respectively, and so it was no surprise to see them once more battle for the title. This time youth won out over experience, with Bazil Hughes coming out ahead to earn his place as one of the sport’s few multiple champions, and establishing himself as an early favourite for next year’s championships in Devon, England.
The Women’s singles tournament was just as dramatic, culminating in a spectacular final between Indy Priestman and Anne Larische. Indy, 38, grew up playing Tambourelli in Galloway and has been the dominant force in the women’s game for as long a women’s tournament has existed. Anne, 24, has never before attended a World Championship event but has never been beaten in her native Germany and so was the local pre-tournament favourite. The final was an exhausting affair that brought the best out of both players, but when the match was finished it was Indy Priestman who was once again victorious, claiming an unprecedented 10th World Championship title for Sweden, where she now lives.
The Women’s doubles final again pitted Indy Priestman against Anne Larische, with Indy teamed up with Chloe Bruce, 48, and Anne playing alongside Kathl Schubb, 22. Indy once again came out on top with the old masters keeping ahead of the young up-and-comers to gain another title towards Indy’s incredible record and Chloe to gain her first World Championships Gold medal.
The Men’s doubles final was another battle between Scotland and Germany, but this time the German pair were victorious, with Phillip Bahner, 24,  and David Sobiella, 24, defeating Malcolm Heyes and Kevin Witt, 46, in an exhilarating match that tested all 4 players to their limits, and ensured not every Gold medal was won by the Scots.
Next year, Devon will host the World Tournament in August. Newton Stewart hopes to host in 2015.

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