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World Tambourelli Tournament 2010

World Tambourelli Tournament 2010
Newton Stewart, Scotland.
31st July – 1st August
Saturday 9am – 8 pm Sunday 10am – 7pm.

To enter e mail :

Thankfully we have been awarded funds to help put on this event.

After the great competition and atmosphere of 2009 Scottish Tambourelli look forward to hosting the World Tambourelli Tournament 2010. We hope to see the champions challenged and everyone enjoying their stay in Scotland.
Here are accomodation possibilities. Please book your own places and make your own arrangements for Friday night and Monday. On Saturday and Sunday night we plan to eat together at The Galloway Hotel with prize giving and music on Sunday night. 'All in' entry fee includes entry plus lunch and evening meals on Saturday and Sunday and Sunday night's musical entertainment plus an Event Sports T shirt. This will cost £40. Entry only is £8.
Some concessions available.

Tournament venues are at the Merrick Leisure Centre, the adjoining Douglas Ewart High School Hall, Corsbie Rd, DG8 6JQ and near by McMillan Hall, Dashwood Square, (DG8 6EQ),
Newton Stewart, Galloway, Scotland.
Saturday, Games at all 3 venues. (10 - 7pm)
Sunday, Games at Merrick Leisure Centre (10 - 8pm) and McMillan Hall (10-2pm)
Showers available at the Merrick Leisure Centre.

Registering to enter the competition

To make it easier for the organisers we require that people register to enter by the 20th July. We will send out reminders leading up to then. This will be a final closing date. Food, T shirts and music can be booked late, at a small extra cost!

Please register early.

Closing date for tournament entry 20th July 2010.

Enter by email to :

Please send your name, your country, whether you are paying for food and music at the weekend, whether you need picked up from somewhere, (fly to Prestwick, train to Dumfries, buses to Newton Stewart), whether you have transport, will there be any spare seats to offer, if so, where you are staying, and a contact e mail for you / your group. Phone if you need to.

First round playlist will be sent to your email address on July 25th. Accommodation places listed below will have a 1st round playlist available on Friday for Singles and Doubles games and where to play your games.

All in entry fee (details at beginning) £40 to pay on arrival.

£8 entry only.

Enter by 20th July. There will be no late entries.
Please detail your name, your country and indicate whether you want the 'all in' deal or entry only, a contact detail and any other requirements.

Accomodation options

Book early to avoid disappointment.
All 2009 prices. They may increase a little next year.

In Newton Stewart:

Minigaff Youth Hostel
2km. from venues. 6, 8 and 10 beds per room.
Phone: 0870 0041142
Cost per night: £15.25 per person, self catering with breakfast provided?. Doors close at 11pm

B & B
Corsbie Villa, 01671 402124
Corsbie Rd. 100m from Merrick venue, 200m McMillan Hall venue.
Double room £29.50 each
Single room £32.50
Book early and say from Scottish Tambourelli to get 2009 prices .

Galloway Arms Hotel 01671 402653
54-58 Victoria St. Venue of evening meals and Sunday night entertainment.
Less than 1 k from both venues.
B & B £35 per person per night, single or double.

Friends out of town:

Andy Priestman’s, Minniwick 01671 840274, 07775973732 or
16km. from venues.
Lots of floor space.
No accommodation cost, bring food money or food. Notify Andy as soon as possible.

Kenneth Delbray
5km. from venues.
By arrangement with Kenneth.

Other Scottish Tambourelli members may offer camping or beds for small groups or individuals.

Chloe Bruce 01671830390 / 07791942357
Andy Priestman 01671 840274
Malcom 07850038832
Scottish Tambourelli email
This website scottish tambourelli blogspot

Wish you all skillful and fun exercise until then!

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  1. Scottish Tambourelli logo bats are now for sale at £20 per bat. They come in red, blue or green. One of our young players has called them ' dot bats ' due to the circle in the centre of the bat.