Thursday, 18 June 2009

Liam and Marlin competing in the Under 16s World Tambourelli Tournament Final

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31st July and 1st August
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Winners and Finalists:

8 and under Girls: Hannah Birse, Rachel Quigley.

8 and under Boys: Ross Quigley

9-11 Girls: Lindsey Barr, Corrie McMurray.

9-11 Boys: Charlie McIlwraith, Alistair Birse.

9-11 Doubles: Lindsey Barr and Alistair Birse, Corrie McMurray and Louis Green.

12-15 Girls: Grace Aspden, Danae Marshall.

12-15 Boys: Liam Campbell, Marlin Bruce.

12-15 Doubles: Liam Campbell and Conor Beattie, Marlin Bruce and Grace Aspden


At the World Under 16s Tambourelli Tournament, the best Under 16 in the world was unmistakeably Liam Campbell. Liam has played regularly over 7 years. His fitness and power means he plays a dramatic game and will be taking part in the Galloway open Championship as he plays at an adult standard. An atmospheric rally from the final with Marlin Bruce can be seen on the YouTube video above.

Grace Aspden played confidently to gain the Girl’s World Under 16s Championship.

The 9-11s Girls final was a high tension game with both finalists putting on a good show of their skill.

The 9-11 Boys final was a high light between a regular player, Charlie and an athletic rooky, Alistair. Alistair seemed to have the advantage, making Charlie run all over the court, then the table turned, Charlie centred himself and edged victory.

The Under 9s played well and we hope to see them again.

All participants got a traditional Scottish Tambourelli Tournament T shirt.

It was great having 3 clubs and after-school players getting together to exhibit quality play.

Thank you to all the volunteers and parents who helped make the day run smoothly. Thank you to Scottish Community Foundation, Dumfries and Galloway Council for the financial assistance which made this day happen.

Special thanks to Andy Priestman.

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